When Cultures Come Calling

“Who will the next generation of Nigerians be? Will they be Africans or Europeans?”

Culture Comes Calling

Reinventing. Globalising. Hybridising. These are some of the terms used in describing culture. Fact is, some cultures are phasing out.

‘Globalisation’ and ‘Modernisation’ are dealing such deadly blows on culture that many identities are fast getting off the global culture landscape. The biggest victims are African cultures.

Many think it’s not sophisticated to use speak in their mother tongue, eat local delicacies or dress in indigenous attires. The impact on moral values is also monumental.

That is why the Synopsis cultural renaissance project is designed to help in preserving our culture by first documenting what had been transmitted by oral tradition. The memory of oral tradition has become questionable. It’s time to get it on hard disk.

The time to do it is now, when Baba is still alive with the last stroke of the authentic narrative. While the paramount ruler is still here with a verifiable account of the mythology.

Our culture is our identity. Our identity defines our destiny. So let’s preserve our culture, because it sums our lives.

Synopsis Consulting! Fostering possibilities.

Chigozi Eti


About synopsis101

We are a consulting firm registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RV120820) with a commitment to the pursuit of world-class excellence in developing and deploying cutting-edge strategies in integrated marketing communication (IMC), business communication and corporate image management, to drive the achievement of clients’ organisational vision and foster corporate efficiency and effectiveness. We create possibilities.

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