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You have been planning to write a book but having a hard time with the first word. Synopsis can help bring that vision to fruition. Here is a book in the making:

PANGS OF VULNERABILITY: A Perspective on Nigerian Health System


Introduction: Images of Vulnerability

Using available statistics show the health and human development index of Nigeria, this chapter forms the background and justification for the book. It is an overview of the challenge of providing healthcare in a nation where resources are scarce, and where the scarcity is intensified by corruption, political instability, and other socio-economic challenges.

Chapter One: Medical Negligence in Perspective – the personnel

This chapter examines the challenge of medical negligence in Nigeria, the factors precipitating negligence, and the cost on individuals, families and the nation. It also captures the framework for medical practice regulation and how to improve on that framework. 

Chapter Two: Medical Negligence in Perspective – the system

This looks at the environmental and socio-economic factors that precipitate medical negligence. The chapter examines medical and healthcare funding, emergency response time, ambulance services, the impact of corruption and the political considerations that affect healthcare funding. This chapter also examines the challenge of maintaining standards in medical education.

Chapter Three: Focus on Primary Healthcare

Primary healthcare addresses the challenge of healthcare provision at the very basic level. This is healthcare that targets the most vulnerable population – women and children. It examines maternal and reproductive health issues, maternal, infant and child mortality, rural healthcare provisions.

Chapter Four: Cultural Issues in Healthcare Provision

There are socio-cultural inhibitions to healthcare access. These range from cultural myths and taboos, religious beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes. It looks at the challenge of stigmatisation of the vulnerable, the impact of poverty and ignorance on access to healthcare.

Chapter Five: Research and Innovation in Tropical Diseases

The quality of solutions that can be proffered for diseases and health conditions that are uniquely African may depend to a large extent on the quality of investment African nations are able and willing to make in developing the framework for research and innovation in tropical diseases. This chapter therefore explores the development of impactful epidemiological research, its progress or setback, with a view to proposing a model for disease control for the different tiers of government.

Chapter Six: Dealing with Avoidable Deaths

This chapter speaks to people who have been hit by the inexplicable pain of losing loved ones to medical negligence. It speaks of trauma management and proposes a model for managing the liabilities that emanate from such circumstances. It looks at the management of avoidable tragedies from the points of legislation, litigation, and humanitarian interventions to stabilise and empower survivors.

Chapter Seven: Restoring Hope and Dignity

This chapter proposes a model for intervention agencies – governments, religious organisations, development institutions as well as interested individuals – to participate in alleviating the vulnerability status of Nigerians in matters of their health. This chapter shall define specific roles for each category of interveners, all in a composite effort to restore the dignity of human life which is at its lowest ebb in Nigeria, and reduce if not eliminate the sufferings and anguish that follow avoidable loss of human life.


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