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Extremely Authentic


New media have greatly democratised information at both the production level and the consumption level. The collapse of gate-keeping, while it has deepened citizens’ participation in the information chain, has also thrown up the challenge of what many have termed ‘facebook language’ – where all the rules guiding writing are flouted, from spelling to punctuation to grammar and everything in between.

Sadly – and I dare say, strangely – this language deficit has found its way into the classroom and onwards into the industry where managers are in constant want of graduates who can speak and write well.

It is in response to this challenge that Synopsis Consulting has designed a purpose-built curriculum to foster capacity building in creative writing and business communication. This intervention will deepen participants’ appreciation of the importance of oral and written communication skills in today’s highly competitive business environment, enhance their competence in administrative and business writing (memo writing, proposal and report writing), and foster effective performance in customer engagement and public information management.

For more information, please see the attached brochure. Kindly call +2348129772557 for more information and registration.