About Synopsis


At Synopsis, you will find a bunch of creative writers. We just write…and we train writers. 

We are a consulting firm that is committed to the pursuit of world-class excellence in developing and deploying cutting-edge strategies in integrated marketing communication (IMC), business communication and corporate image management.



To be a national leader in business communication and IMC consultancy.


To provide cutting edge solutions in business and integrated marketing communication by developing and deploying training programmes and corporate image management strategies that guarantee the highest visibility for our clients, so as to create nationally acceptable brands that are also of global rating.


Our business communication solutions are designed to give your brand an attitude that your customers and stakeholder will be proud to relate with.


We have a commitment to building brands that are intensely authentic, hoisted on the platform of integrity of clients’ products and/or services.


We have faith in your ability to deliver on all your promises to your stakeholders, because of the uniqueness of you brand.


We are committed to partnering with you on the path of excellence – a determination to do things the best way you know how while exploring new ways of doing things better in the continuous pursuit of distinction.

Synopsis Consulting

…fostering possibilities


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