Synopsis Training

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Some people falter at speaking tasks as simple as proposing a toast at a friend’s birthday party. They fidget or freeze outright at the thought of speaking at more formal engagements.

More so, many are at a loss on how to start the first sentence when asked to write at the very basics of business and administrative communication. Their plight is worsened by the culture where ellipses and abbreviations have completely altered societal language patterns.


That is why this workshop in Creative Writing and Business Communication will help you to acquire communication skills that are so essential in the business world today.

The workshop shall cover the following themes:

  1. Language Principles for Effective Oral and Written Communication.
  2. Creative Writing for Business: Principles That Work (Memos, Proposals & Reports).
  3. Gaining Mastery in Speech Writing and Public Presentation.
  4. Writing for Public Relations and Media Leveraging.
  5. Building Excellent and Responsible Online Writing Skills.

Our bet is that this is the most affordable, yet most effective professional development programme in business communication you’ll be participating in. So let’s talk about it. For personal or group presentations please call Chigozi on 234-812-977-2557 or email:

Thank you.


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